Founded in 1984, GAMMA S.p.A. designs and makes molds for thermoplastic and duroplastic materials till 40 tons weight, especially for the automotive sector (interior&exterior parts).

Our core business is the manufacturing of high quality molds. Thanks to a several years’ experience GAMMA S.p.A gained EU- wide market acceptance.

GAMMA S.p.A expertise is based on a complete production process which goes from the design planning to co-design and state-of-the-art manufacturing using cutting-edge technologies.

GAMMA S.p.A tries to constantly improve its mold manufacturing processes by working in close contact with its customers.

Our highly qualified staff aims to further improve its technical know-how in all the areas of expertise thanks to excellent training standards.

Our corporate philosophy goal is to create a successful partnership with the customers in order to perfectly meet their specific requirements.

GAMMA S.p.A company vision is to position itself as a competent strategic partner in the automotive field and continuously increase its production capacity to seize new market shares always keeping up with technological development.